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    • How are the questions formatted?

      All questions are multiple choice format. Some questions contain code examples in both the question and possible answers.

    • Will I need to write code in the exam?

      No. Because all questions are multiple choice you'll be expected to choose from one of the available options.

    • What happens if I fail the exam?

      Some of our exams are challenging, with a high number of correct answers needed to pass. You'll be able to take the exam again unlimited times if you fail.

    • What kind of certifications are available?

      Take a look at our certifications for specific examples, but all of our certifications are based around web development.

    • What happens if I pass an exam?

      A badge will be added to your profile, which can be used to direct prospective clients or employers to. You'll also be given the option to embed the badge on your own website.

    • How much does each exam cost?

      Each certification exam is costed individually.

    • I'm from an agency with multiple developers, can you help?

      Drop support an email and we can arrange for a discount for multiple developers. In the future we may offer agency-level certifications too.

    • What topics are covered in the exam?

      It depends on the certification. The topics covered are often listed in the certification's description.

    • Can I access my exam results after completing an exam?

      Yes and no. We tell you whether you passed or failed, and what percentage of correct answers you got. We don't tell you which questions you got wrong, or which answers you chose.

    • How is the certification recognized in the industry?

      We are an independent certification body, and our certifications are not recognized by any industry bodies. We have no direct affiliation with any of the technology vendors we cover.

    • Are there any prerequisites for taking the certification exams?

      For fundamental certifications you should be able to pass if you have been working in that industry for 2 years, or possibly less. For the more advanced certifications it may be worthwhile honing your knowledge on certain topics before hand.

    • How long is the certification valid for?

      There is no expiry. Once you have passed your certification is available to display on your profile forever.