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Add Tailwind support to your IDE

2 min read
Published on 17th November 2023
Add Tailwind support to your IDE

Tailwind CSS's popularity in the web development community has led to a demand for better tooling and support in various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Fortunately, several plugins and extensions are available to make working with Tailwind CSS a breeze. Let's dive into how you can get Tailwind up and running in some of the most popular IDEs.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), known for its extensive library of extensions, offers excellent support for Tailwind CSS.

Extension: Tailwind CSS IntelliSense Link: Tailwind CSS IntelliSense on VS Code Marketplace

Tailwind CSS IntelliSense enhances your Tailwind experience by providing autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and linting. It even offers class name suggestions based on your markup.

IntelliJ IDEA

For those in the JetBrains ecosystem, IntelliJ IDEA comes with built-in support for many web technologies, and with plugins, Tailwind CSS can be one of them.

Plugin: Tailwind CSS Link: Tailwind CSS in JetBrains Marketplace

This plugin offers autocomplete for Tailwind classes, making it easier to remember and apply the utility classes correctly.


Atom, the hackable text editor from GitHub, also has support for Tailwind through community packages.

Package: Tailwind CSS Autocomplete Link: Tailwind CSS Autocomplete on Atom Packages

This package brings Tailwind CSS autocompletion to Atom, enhancing productivity by reducing the need to constantly refer to the documentation for class names.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text, known for its speed and efficiency, can also be geared up for Tailwind with the right package.

Package: Tailwind CSS Autocomplete Link: Tailwind CSS Autocomplete on Package Control

By installing this package, you can enjoy autocompletion for Tailwind classes directly in Sublime Text.


Brackets, an Adobe product, may not be as popular as some other editors, but it has a loyal following and can be set up for Tailwind CSS.

Extension: Brackets Tailwind CSS Autocomplete Link: Brackets Tailwind CSS Autocomplete on GitHub

This extension adds Tailwind CSS autocompletion to Brackets, although being a community-driven project, it might not always be up-to-date with the latest Tailwind version.


Eclipse, predominantly known for Java development, can also be tailored for web development with plugins.

While there isn't a dedicated Tailwind CSS plugin for Eclipse, web developers can use general CSS plugins and manually refer to Tailwind's documentation for class names.

Integrating Tailwind CSS support into your preferred IDE can significantly improve your workflow, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.