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How to fix `livewire.emit is not a function`

2 min read
Published on 2nd November 2023

Laravel Livewire has transformed how developers build interactive Laravel applications by offering a seamless blend of frontend and backend logic. However, as with any technology, there can be bumps along the road. One such bump is the error livewire.emit is not a function. If you've encountered this, fear not! We're here to dissect the problem and guide you toward a resolution.

Understanding the Problem

The livewire.emit function is used to dispatch browser events from your Livewire components. If you see the error message stating that it's not a function, there's likely an issue with how Livewire's JavaScript assets are being loaded or executed in your application.

Common Solutions to the Problem

1. Ensure Correct Ordering of Scripts

Livewire's JavaScript must be loaded before you attempt to use any of its functions. Make sure the Livewire scripts are loaded at the beginning of your document, preferably in the <head> section.


2. Check for Script Duplication

Loading Livewire's scripts more than once can cause issues. Ensure you're not including @livewireScripts multiple times in your document.

3. Verify Livewire Version Compatibility

If you've recently updated your Livewire version, there might be breaking changes or discrepancies between versions. Ensure both the PHP package and the Livewire JavaScript assets are of the same version. You can check the version in your composer.json file and by inspecting the network requests for Livewire's JavaScript in your browser's developer tools.

4. Check for JavaScript Errors

Other unrelated JavaScript errors can halt the execution of subsequent scripts, including Livewire's. Open your browser's console and look for any errors. Addressing these might resolve the Livewire issue as well.

5. Ensure Proper Alpine.js Integration

If you're using Alpine.js alongside Livewire, the order of scripts matters. Load Alpine.js after Livewire to ensure compatibility.

    <script src="/path/to/alpine.min.js" defer></script>

6. Clear Cache and Configuration

Sometimes, cached configurations or views might lead to unexpected behaviors. Try clearing Livewire's cache:

php artisan view:clear

Also, clear the browser's cache to rule out any cached assets causing the issue.

Seeking Community Support

If you've tried the solutions above and the problem persists, remember that the Livewire community is active and supportive. Consider checking the Livewire GitHub repository for similar issues or asking a question on Laravel's forums or Discord.

Frustrating, but fixable

While encountering errors like livewire.emit is not a function can be frustrating, they often offer valuable learning opportunities. By methodically diagnosing and addressing such issues, not only do you fix your immediate problem, but you also deepen your understanding of the tools you're working with.